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State of Jefferson


  • Lower Taxes
  • Smaller Government
  • Personal Freedom

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The Great Seal of State of Jefferson Flag

XX ~ Explained

In 1941 the folks of S Oregon and N California were fed up with paying taxes and not receiving any serviced in return. They decided to form a new state. A gold pan was handy, they painted two XXs on it to symbolize being double crossed, and the State of Jefferson was born.

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The State of Jefferson stands for


Article 4, section 3 of the United States Constitution lays out the specific frame work for what we proposed. “No State shall be broken into two states unless the state legislature agrees and the Congress agrees.” A simple majority vote 51% in both the state legislatures and congress is all it takes to from Jefferson. Forming a new state from an existing state is not new. It’s been done 4 times in our history. Vermont from New York/Hampshire, Kentucky from Vermont, Main from Massachusetts and West Virginia from Virginia.

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Time To Start Over

The State of Jefferson would be free of over-regulation. A new state that would exercise its right under the 10th Amendment to halt federal government from over-reaching laws according to the U.S. Constitution. We need a state with fewer agencies, less taxes, less bureaucracy, State Sovereignty. More Personal freedom. Please talk to your representative and ask them to support the state of Jefferson.


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